Please complete our quick environmental survey. All answers are solely for use by Verdant Environmental and will not be shared with any 3rd party.



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Ten quick questions to give a snapshot of where your business is today

1. What energy source provides your heating?

2. What lighting types do you mainly have?

3. What vehicles are owned or leased by your business?

4. How many of these are electrified (range extender, full hybrid, fully electric)?

5. When was your business' Environmental Management System last audited?

6. Who holds the Legal Register for your business (the summary of environmental legislation that applies to your business)?

7. What was the last grant you applied for to improve your business?

8. When was the Quality Policy last updated?

9. What waste segregation do you currently have (physical separation at your place of business)?

10. How many safety ‘near misses’ have you recorded over the previous six months, please insert number in the box below ( a ‘near miss’ can be anything that had the potential to cause harm - it should cover all staff, visitors and contractors)?